Advice: Contact TCLF Before Signing Anything

I am fortunate that I engaged Doug Clark and The Clark Law Firm, to assist me in my negotiations with my Pipeline Right of Way (ROW) Agreement. Without their knowledge and experience I would have been a lost soul. They not only helped me to get a fair price but most importantly they built in addendums to the ROW agreement that protected me as a landowner. There were so many things I had not even considered that Doug incorporated into the agreement to prevent abusive incidents from ever happening. My advice to any landowner considering a leasing agreement in the Marcellus shale area is to contact Doug Clark before you sign anything. You will be very pleased with the results.
A Tioga County Landowner

Out of State Owner Thanks TCLF

We would like to thank you for all of your help in reviewing and negotiating our ROW Agreement. Being an out of state resident, it was very important to us to have someone with your local knowledge and expertise about this booming industry to protect our rights as a Bradford County investment landowner. And being from out of state, your office staff was extremely efficient in getting all documentation to us in a timely manner. We will no doubt be seeking your assistance in the future as the next phase of operations begin!
A Bradford County Landowner

TCLF – Negotiates Excellent Agreement For Allegheny County Landowner

My father and I met Doug at a local presentation where he was discussing oil and gas leasing and Right of Ways and were immediately impressed. Once the $/ft and location were agreed upon, we contacted him for assistance with the rest. Doug and associates hit the ground running with our Natural gas pipeline Right of Way agreement. The pipeline company was close to going in a different direction due to time constraints and us having dragged our feet up to that point. Doug recognized this and seemingly dropped everything else to focus on our agreement. We have experience reading legalese and knew the one-sided areas of the agreement that needed work, but Doug addressed all of them (and more!) before we even gave him our list or concerns. He obviously has much experience with oil/gas leases, ROWs and the like. We got almost everything we asked for and signed an excellent agreement. We retained him right before Christmas and signed the agreement on 1/13! Do other lawyers even work through the holidays? Thanks Doug.
An Allegheny Landowner

TCLF – First Class and Our First Choice for Gas Attorney

Our situation was a little more unique than most. We held out for over a year on signing a ROW. We did not want to make the same mistakes that we did when we signed our gas lease agreement. We waited so long that we were the last landowners to complete the pipeline. When we decided that we wanted to sign a ROW we contacted the Clark Law firm to help with the review and negotiation of the ROW agreement. Time was of the essence because the company we were dealing with was planning to route around us. Doug and his firm reacted immediately. The communication was first class. Within two weeks we signed the agreement. If we ever need the services of a gas attorney the Clark Law Firm is our first choice. I would recommend the Clark Law Firm for any gas lease or ROW agreements. Thanks Doug!
Camp Little Hill, Bradford County

TCLF “Indispensable in Negotiating Right-of-Way Agreement”

I found Doug Clark & his firm indispensable in negotiating a Right -of- Way agreement with Williams Pipeline Company. He had prepared provisions that virtually matched all those (and more) that I was looking for in locking in a solid agreement. His rapport with The Williams project manager counterpart was a big part of getting the provisions tailored to my property and the legal work was completed in a timely manner. I would definitely use The Clark Law Firm again for any subsequent issues regarding gas leases.
A Susquehanna County Landowner

“Fortunate to Have Doug Clark as My Attorney”

Gas line Right of Way and Gas Leases are an important legal document for a property owner. You get one chance to get it right and then its with you forever. Luckily, I was fortunate to have Doug Clark as my attorney. All my concerns and interests where addressed and my final agreement protected my family and our land much better than the initial agreement the gas company hoped I would sign. You need an attorney that understands the specifics and can negotiate with the various gas companies to reach an equitable agreement that everyone can live with, not only today but in the future. Thank you Doug.
Ed Salevsky, A Tioga County Landowner

Doug’s Foremost Concern is His Clients. Staff is “Amazing”

Our family had been in negotiations with UGI with regard to a pipeline easement on our property in Pennsylvania for quite some time before we finally retained Doug Clark to represent us. This particular piece of property is owned by two sides of the family with many issues to be resolved. From the very first conference call we had with Doug we instantly knew and all agreed that we were in good hands. When we spoke after the call, we were all in agreement that we felt very comfortable and relieved that he would be handling this matter on our behalf.His knowledge of pipeline easements and the companies themselves is extremelyextensive. You could not be in better hands. Doug’s first and foremost concern is for the benefit of his clients! His staff is amazing, professional and very competent. Even with all the issues between the families, our Agreement was signed in a very timely manner and we could not have found a better attorney anywhere to negotiate it for us.
Wyoming County Landowners

Open Thank You Letter to TCLF

Douglas, Marceea and Vanessa, The legal services you have provided us and your knowledge of the gas exploration activities have greatly minimized the anxiety in dealing with issues we had no experience with. Douglas, Your straight forward approach using the facts available has simplified our challenges and answered all our questions regarding our concerns as a landowner. We are very happy with the representation you have provided us and the negotiations you have completed. These include a water impoundment agreement, temporary water line ROW, gas line ROW and a temporary work space and access agreement. These various negotiations included several companies and numerous individuals. We could not have reached satisfactory resolution on these issues without your very professional representation. Marceea and Vanessa, You also represent your firm in the most professional, friendly and efficient manner. It has been enjoyable when we have needed to visit your offices. Your response to client needs could not be better. Again, THANK YOU and we can definitely recommend your firm for any business concerns relating to natural gas exploration.
A Wyoming County Landowner

Call TCLF Before Signing Pipeline Easement Agreement

The Clark Law Firm got me an excellent pipeline lease with Williams Pipeline Group. He negotiated me a very fair compensation agreement with very important addendums.. Very down to earth and easy to talk to and understand. Nobody should sign a pipeline easement without talking to Doug first!
A Lenox Township, Susquehanna County Landowner

Investment in TCLF Pays Off Tenfold For Clearfield County Landowner

The Clark Law Firm helped my family with a ROW agreement in Clearfiled County, PA. We negotiated with the company trying to execute the agreement for over a year. When we were close to an agreement, we contacted the Clark Law Firm and asked for advice. If my family had signed the ROW Agreement without consultation, we would have signed an agreement for thousands less than the amount we received having the Clark Law Firm negotiate for us. Our investment in the Clark Law Firm paid for itself tenfold.

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