Surface Use Agreements: SUA

Surface Use Agreements: “SUA”, are written contracts defining the pipeline or gas company’s ability to use of the surface of your property.

In relation to pipeline activity, Surface Use Agreements typically involve the proposed installation of above ground facilities, including, but not limited to Gas Valves, Pig Launchers, Pig Receivers, Meter or Compressor Stations, and Storage Agreements. Surface Use Agreements are also commonly used for the installation of well pads and related well site facilities. Read More.

Natural Gas Valve Agreements

Virtually all Pipeline Agreements presented to landowners authorize the installation of unsightly above ground Gas Valves and other visible surface structures. Landowners must understand that when they sign a standard Pipeline Agreement they are authorizing much more than the installation of one or more natural gas pipelines. Read More.

Pig Launchers & Receivers

Remember, virtually all Pipeline Right-of-Way Agreements authorize the installation of Pig Launchers, Pig Receivers and many other unsightly above ground surface structures. Pipeline Agreements must be negotiated to eliminate the placement of any above ground surface facilities or require additional financial compensation, tax protections, and many other important property and liability protections. Read More.

Meter Station Agreements

Natural Gas Metering Stations are above ground surface facilities along the pipeline route that
“meter” or measure the volume and flow of natural gas through the pipeline. Meter Stations may
also compress the natural gas to push the gas through the pipeline system. Read More.

Compressor Station Agreements

Compressor Stations Agreements authorize the use of significant landowner acreage and permit the installation of large buildings and other above ground facilities. Compressor Station Agreements involve an enormous landowner commitment and should only be considered in very limited circumstances and only after consultation with a knowledgeable and experienced oil and gas attorney. Compressor Stations can also result in significant landowner liability and substantial tax increases. Read More.

Pipe Yard, Storage and Staging Area Agreements

Pipe Yard, Storage and Staging Area Agreements are contracts between the Pipeline Company and landowner that typically authorize the use of a significant acreage for storing pipe and other equipment used during the pipeline installation process. Read More.

Temporary Works Space and Additional Temporary Work Space Areas

Temporary Work Space and Additional Temporary Work Space Area are additional undefined areas immediately adjacent to the Temporary Easement where the pipeline company is authorized to operate during times of pipeline installation, maintenance, reclamation and pipeline removal. Read More.