Natural Gas Metering Stations are above ground surface facilities along the pipeline route that
“meter” or measure the volume and flow of natural gas through the pipeline. Meter Stations may
also compress the natural gas to push the gas through the pipeline system.

Meter Station Agreements typically involve a substantial commitment from the landowner and should only be considered in limited circumstances. Surface Use Agreements must be heavily negotiated to maximize compensation and protect the landowner and their property.

Generally landowners have the right to decline any Meter Station offer. If a landowner is seriously considering a Meter Station Agreement, these Agreements must be negotiated carefully as there are many serious concerns, including potential annual tax increases. Remember, as with almost all Pipeline and oil and gas related agreements, the company landman does not present you with the company’s best offer, but presents you with the offer and documents drawn up by company lawyers to benefit the company and not the landowner.

Attorney Doug Clark is Pennsylvania’s landowner lawyer and negotiates Meter Station
Agreements to maximize compensation, eliminate tax liability, and protect you and your property. If you are considering a Meter Station Agreement, Contact Doug Clark today!