Accurately Assessing Landowner Leverage Is Critical in All Pipeline Agreement Negotiations.

An accurate evaluation and understanding of Landowner negotiation leverage combined with skilled negotiation can result in significantly higher compensation and strong landowner Pipeline Addendum terms. Alternatively, effectively recognizing a weak leverage position may salvage a strong Pipeline Agreement and avoid losing compensation and property protections already on the table.

Bottom Line: Accurately evaluating and fully understanding landowner leverage in each Pipeline Agreement and other Oil and Gas negotiations will always result in the landowner obtaining the most money and best possible Pipeline Agreement or other oil or gas contract.

In each individual case, Attorney Doug Clark undertakes a complicated analysis to determine the landowner’s negotiation leverage using his vast pipeline experience and taking into account, among other things:

  1. The detailed and often hidden language contained in the landowner’s original Oil and Gas
    Lease and Addendum relative to gas transportation restrictions, pipeline provisions, and the impact that lease termination has on potential pipeline easements;
  2. The local and regional market for similar pipeline offers by the offering pipeline company and other pipeline companies in the area;
  3. The broader pipeline easement market across Pennsylvania for similar offers;
  4. Geographical information including potential easement alternatives, or lack of alternatives, that may significantly increase or impact a landowners negotiation leverage;
  5. Regional oil and gas development and existing and planned pipeline infrastructure projects;
  6. The status of oil and gas development involving the specific landowner’s property, including
    the status of unitization and past, current or future drilling plans; and
  7. Discussing with each landowner their individual risk tolerance to formulate an overall negotiation strategy to maximize compensation.

Attorney Doug Clark considers these factors and many more and uses his extensive Pipeline Agreement negotiation experience to develop a landowner specific strategy in order to maximize compensation while simultaneously strengthening the Pipeline Easement Agreement by negotiating powerful Addendum terms.

Remember, landowner leverage must be accurately assessed for each individual landowner and for each parcel. No two landowners or parcels are ever in the same position with the same negotiation leverage.
Attorney Doug Clark is Pennsylvania’s Landowner Lawyer and knows the importance of
identifying and understanding landowner leverage in each individual landowner negotiation. Doug has used his experience to negotiate millions of dollars in increased compensation for his Pipeline Agreement clients. Let Doug’s experience in negotiating Pipeline Agreements with over 50 separate gas and pipeline companies work for you. Contact The Clark Law Firm, PC today!