Energy companies drilling Marcellus Shale and Utica Shale gas wells across Pennsylvania now face the pressing challenge of moving natural gas from producing wells to areas of consumption throughout the country. Natural gas and pipeline installation companies are feverishly acquiring easement rights from landowners and constructing a vast network of gathering and transportation pipelines. This natural gas pipeline infrastructure is used to transport natural gas and liquids from well sites to major Interstate Transmission Pipelines and ultimately to the final consumer.

Pipeline company “landmen” are knocking on landowner’s doors across Pennsylvania with skilfully drafted Pipeline Right of Way Agreements in hand seeking to secure permanent Pipeline Rights-of-Way and Easements. Company landmen are experienced and specially trained in the art of communication and persuasion when offering and negotiating one-sided Pipeline Agreements that strongly benefit the company with little to no protections for the landowner.

Pipeline Right-of-Way Agreements presented by landmen are carefully crafted by experienced gas and pipeline company attorneys to maximize benefits for the gas and pipeline companies. Pipeline Agreements presented by companies typically fail to fairly compensate landowners and lack the necessary terms and Addendum language protect the landowner from potential liability and unforeseen consequences on their land.

If you are approached by a company seeking a Pipeline Right-of-Way Easement Agreement, you should immediately seek a qualified and highly experienced oil and gas attorney to represent or assist you in negotiating for the highest possible compensation and the most favorable Pipeline Agreement Addendum available. Do not repeat the costly mistakes that other landowners have made by attempting to go through this very important process alone.

Pipeline Right-of-Way Agreements must be negotiated to maximize potential substantial
financial compensation and significantly restrict the gas or pipeline company’s authority to
operate and install pipelines or other natural gas transportation facilities on your property. Unfortunately, landowners are routinely signing bad Pipeline Agreements and leaving tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars and critical property protections on the table.

Attorney Doug Clark has represented hundreds of Pennsylvania landowners in Pipeline Right-of-Way Agreement negotiations and consultations with over 50 different oil and gas companies. Attorney Doug Clark is Pennsylvania’s Landowner Lawyer and fights for maximum financial compensation while negotiating critical landowner and property protection Addendum terms into the Pipeline Agreement. If you are presented with a Pipeline Right-of-Way Agreement, make The Clark Law Firm, PC your first call. Contact us today!