Pig Launchers & Receivers

Remember, virtually all Pipeline Right-of-Way Agreements authorize the installation of Pig Launchers, Pig Receivers and many other unsightly above ground surface structures. Pipeline Agreements must be negotiated to eliminate the placement of any above ground surface facilities or require additional financial compensation, tax protections, and many other important property and liability protections.

Scraper Pigs, Scrubber Pigs and Smart Pigs – are pipeline maintenance devices used to inspect natural gas pipelines and remove and collect residue from the pipeline wall without stopping the natural gas flowing through the pipeline.  “Pigs” are placed into the pipeline at service junctions (Pig Launchers) and are forced by natural gas flow to the next service junction (Pig Receivers) where the device is removed and cleaned.  Different types of “Pigs” use different techniques to clean sediment and debris from inside the pipeline.  Smart “Pigs” also inspect the pipeline in its travels.


Pig Launchers – are above ground structures within the pipeline easement where the “Pigs” are inserted. The “Pig Launcher” is loaded with the “Pig” and the natural gas pressure in the pipeline is used to push the “pig” along the pipe until it reaches the “Pig Receiver” or “Pig Catcher.”

Pig Receivers or Pig Catchers – are above ground structures within the pipeline easement that catch or receive the “Pigs” as they travel through the pipeline.

Attorney Doug Clark is Pennsylvania’s Landowner Lawyer and Doug negotiates Pipeline Agreements to eliminate the pipeline company’s authority to install any surface structures under Pipeline Agreements. If a landowner approves the installation of any above ground structure, Doug negotiates to maximize financial compensation and important tax and property protections for the landowner. If you are approached with a Pipeline Right-of-Way Agreement or Surface Use Agreement authorizing a Pig Launcher, Pig Receiver or any other above ground facility, contact us today!