Temporary Surface or Above Ground Water Pipelines

Surface Water Lines or Temporary Above Ground Water Line Agreements are legal contracts that gas or pipeline companies generally seek from landowners to allow the transportation of water to well sites for fracking purposes. Temporary surface water lines run above the ground and typically remain in place for less than one year; however, the length of time these pipelines remain in place above ground may vary and the physical location of the above ground water lines may greatly impact and restrict a landowner’s use of your property during critical time periods.

As with all proposed Water Line and Pipeline Agreements, the Landowner must first determine whether the proposed activity is specifically authorized under the terms of any existing Oil and Gas Lease. Determining a gas or pipeline company’s authority under an existing Oil and Gas Lease is often very complex and the Landowner should seek the opinion of a qualified and experienced Oil and Gas Attorney. Remember, the Landman works hard for the company, not for you.

Do not be fooled into believing that you must consent to the placement of any surface or buried water lines across your property. Landmen will often tell landowners that they must consent to water (or gas) pipelines because these lines are authorized by the landowner’s Oil and Gas Lease. In reality this statement is often false.

Usually the landowner has the ability to refuse the requested above ground water line(s) or negotiate for significantly higher compensation, substantial property protections and important operation restrictions. Also, in most cases the landowner has the ability to negotiate the location of the proposed above ground water line(s) and negotiate how long the water line(s) may remain in place before removal.

Do not be tricked into signing Surface Water Line Agreements or any other oil and gas contract without fully understanding your rights and negotiation leverage. Attorney Doug Clark is Pennsylvania’s Landowner Lawyer and has successfully negotiated Surface and Temporary Above Ground Water Line Agreements for considerable compensation and property protections.   If you are approached by a gas or pipeline company seeking to install temporary above ground water lines on your property learn your rights and Contact us today!   We are working hard to protect Pennsylvania Landowners across the state.

Below are images of temporary water lines with wooden mats.