Temporary Work Space

Temporary Work Space Agreements are often presented by pipeline companies to allow the company to temporary operate on the landowner’s property adjacent to the pipeline easement area. Temporary Work Space Agreements are usually requested when the pipeline company temporarily needs additional room, or work space, to operate outside of their authority under any existing Pipeline Agreement.

For example, a pipeline company may want to install a second or additional pipeline alongside an existing buried pipeline, but the company does not have the authority to operate outside the width of existing pipeline easement. If the company needs additional room beyond the existing easement area, the company may present the landowner with a Temporary Work Space Agreement. This Temporary Work Space Agreement will authorize the pipeline company and their contractors to temporary operate outside the existing easement area.

Many landowners do not realize that they generally have the right to decline Work Space Agreements or negotiate for significant compensation. If you are approached to sign a Work Space Agreement you must understand your rights and options as this may be a unique opportunity to obtain desired compensation without seriously impacting your property. Temporary Work Space Agreements must be negotiated to limit their surface impact and clearly define the duration of time the company and its workers may use the agreed upon area.

Attorney Doug Clark is Pennsylvania’s Landowner Lawyer and understands your rights and knows how to maximize the opportunity that a Temporary Work Space Agreement may present. If you are presented with a Temporary Work Space Agreement, understand your right to decline the offer and your ability to negotiate for higher compensation and property protections. Contact us today!