Temporary Easement Area – is the area immediately adjacent to the Permanent Easement where the pipeline company is authorized to operate during times of pipeline installation, maintenance, reclamation and pipeline removal.

Pipeline Agreements provide for Permanent Easement and Temporary Easement areas. The Permanent Easement is the area where the pipeline(s) and related pipeline facilities will be installed. The Temporary Easement is immediately adjacent to the Permanent Easement and the Temporary Easement may only be used during times of operations on the property. Pipelines and other facilities may not be permanently placed in the Temporary Easement Area.

Pipeline Agreements must be negotiated to specifically define and limit the size of the Permanent and Temporary Easement Areas. Landowners must seek to minimize the width of all easement areas and specifically identify the location of the Permanent and Temporary Easement Areas by way of an Exhibit Map attached to the Pipeline Right-of-Way Agreement.

Remember, be careful of commonly inserted pipeline company loopholes that authorize relocation of an easement area after the landowner signs the Pipeline Agreement. These relocation loopholes are very common and often exist despite the use of an Exhibit Map depicting the location of the easement attached to the Pipeline Agreement.