Above Ground Oil or Natural Gas Pipelines

Above ground oil or natural gas pipelines are rare in Pennsylvania. Above ground pipelines may serve as a temporary solution to move oil, natural gas, or water until permanent underground pipelines are installed. As with virtually all oil and natural gas agreements, the company Landman presents the landowner with a “form” or “boilerplate” contract drafted by an experienced gas or pipeline company lawyer in order to benefit the company.

All oil and natural gas pipeline easement agreements must be negotiated. Effective above ground pipeline agreement negotiations will maximize pipeline compensation, minimize impact on the property, and protect the Landowner from liability. Potential Landowner liability is especially important when considering an easement agreement that permits the installation of visible above ground pipelines carrying flammable and hazardous oil and natural gas.

Attorney Doug Clark is Pennsylvania’s Landowner Lawyer and he understands your rights to refuse proposed pipeline agreements and how to effectively negotiate any oil and gas agreement to maximize compensation while protecting you from liability and your land from harm. Contact us today! We are working hard to protect Pennsylvania Landowners across the state.