Hi Doug, Marceea, & Vanessa,
Thank you for the professional and personal attention you exhibited in handling the negotiation of the new gas lease on our property. We couldn’t be more pleased, not just with the $$$ (though that is a BIG happy), but also in dealing with each of you.We called early last year for a consultation when we received notification of potential sub-leasing of our gas lease. You provided us with a fair evaluation of our existing lease and possible expectations. When, a few months later, we found ourselves in the enviable position of an expired lease and two gas companies showing interest there was no hesitation to employ your firm for the negotiations. During the process, everything was handled in a timely manner (despite this all happening over the two biggest holidays of the year). All calls and emails were answered promptly and we knew at all times the status of the negotiations. Due to your expertise, we are sure we got the best deal both monetarily and lease-wise. Your firm’s knowledge of the gas and pipeline situation is invaluable. We absolutely recommend The Clark Law Firm to anyone expressing a need in gas or pipeline lease assistance.