My father and I met Doug at a local presentation where he was discussing oil and gas leasing and Right of Ways and were immediately impressed. Once the $/ft and location were agreed upon, we contacted him for assistance with the rest. Doug and associates hit the ground running with our Natural gas pipeline Right of Way agreement. The pipeline company was close to going in a different direction due to time constraints and us having dragged our feet up to that point. Doug recognized this and seemingly dropped everything else to focus on our agreement. We have experience reading legalese and knew the one-sided areas of the agreement that needed work, but Doug addressed all of them (and more!) before we even gave him our list or concerns. He obviously has much experience with oil/gas leases, ROWs and the like. We got almost everything we asked for and signed an excellent agreement. We retained him right before Christmas and signed the agreement on 1/13! Do other lawyers even work through the holidays? Thanks Doug.