My husband and I discussed after our meeting in your office that the trip to meet with both you was well worth the time and effort. It was obvious to us that both of you perform your responsibilities in the best interests of your clients, and as well, you and your wife, Marceea and receptionist, Vanessa go out of your way to make your clients feel welcome and important. I cannot thank you enough for helping our family deal with what has been a very difficult situation for us in the last two years due in part to professionals that we feel did not have your work ethic or values. I also appreciate the fact that despite our present situation not being totally in the area of your practice at this point in time, your Firm didn’t just give us a name to call and more or less pass us off but you agreed to meet with us and have an attorney whose area of law was more pertinent for our circumstances, join us. It is my feeling that since I took the time to contact your Firm you felt a responsibility and obligation to make sure everything was done to meet my needs and make sure a transition to a more appropriate professional for the circumstances was done in a smooth manner and that I was comfortable with the transition. Unfortunately, it is my experience that is a rarity as so many people today look out only for what is best for them and not the needs of others. It was a pleasure as well as refreshing to deal with someone who has integrity, values and cares about helping others. If at any time in the future any one of the three of our generation are contacted by an oil company with a contract you can be sure we will be in touch.

Thanks again to you, Marceea and Vanessa for all your assistance.