Douglas, Marceea and Vanessa, The legal services you have provided us and your knowledge of the gas exploration activities have greatly minimized the anxiety in dealing with issues we had no experience with.

Douglas, Your straight forward approach using the facts available has simplified our challenges and answered all our questions regarding our concerns as a landowner. We are very happy with the representation you have provided us and the negotiations you have completed. These include a water impoundment agreement, temporary water line ROW, gas line ROW and a temporary work space and access agreement. These various negotiations included several companies and numerous individuals. We could not have reached satisfactory resolution on these issues without your very professional representation.

Marceea and Vanessa, You also represent your firm in the most professional, friendly and efficient manner. It has been enjoyable when we have needed to visit your offices. Your response to client needs could not be better. Again, THANK YOU and we can definitely recommend your firm for any business concerns relating to natural gas exploration.