I live in London, England but I own property in Susquehanna County Pennsylvania. I signed my gas lease with Cabot in 2011, but my property was not included in a production unit surrounding my property and Iwas not receiving royalty payments. I was referred to Doug Clark from a friend who is actually employed in the gas industry. I was very concerned about the distance with me living in London. However, distance was never a problem.

Doug communicated with me regularly by email and kept me updated throughout the entire process. Doug went directly to Cabot and was able get my property included into the production unit and was even able to get me some past royalties that I otherwise would not have received. Doug and his staff are readily available to answer questions, and are responsive in a timely fashion. I am not treated as just another client, but as if they are genuinely interested in helping me, without racking up unnecessary professional time, and therefore, fees.

I am very thankful that I was referred to Doug Clark and The Clark Law Firm and I would highly recommend Doug to any landowner looking for oil and gas representation.