When I signed my initial gas lease in 2006, I was totally unaware and was ignorant of what was all involved. I signed with the belief that the landman was being honest and upfront with the terms and explanations of the lease and that I could trust that he was looking out for my best interests. I could have never been so wrong! As I later found out, many things were incorrectly explained and represented regarding my gas lease. It was at that point I decided that if I ever was presented with any gas lease renewal or anything natural gas related, I would seek out legal help before signing anything. In May of this year, my opportunity came. A company that was working with the company I originally signed with offered a top lease. At first I decided to talk with the landman myself as I had educated myself alot through internet webinars and various websites about things I should ask for. After about one week of trying to negotiate with the landman and basically being fed a bunch of bologna, I decided that I needed to find an HONEST, REPUTABLE, and EXPERIENCED gas lease attorney. I spent several hours online and on the phone searching for someone that I was comfortable with representing me. I wasn’t comfortable with the first two attorneys that I spoke with. One charged on a royalty percentage basis, and the other made me feel like I was wasting his time. Luckily, Attorney Doug Clark was the third attorney that I called. I spoke with Marceea and she was very friendly, knowledgeable, and gave me all the time that I needed to answer any and all questions that I had. I knew from that conversation that I had found the right attorney for the job! My first conversation with Doug lasted well over an hour and he explained many of the terms of the gas lease and addendum as well as answered all of my questions. He was very concerned with what I wanted from the lease and what protections I hoped for in regards to my property. If any question or concern arose after that, I simply either emailed or called Doug and it was addressed very quickly. I can sincerely say that I am VERY pleased with The Clark Law Firm! I am confident that I made the right choice in selecting Doug to handle my gas lease negotiations. I have already recommend him to all of my friends and neighbors, at least two of which I believe are also going to be clients of Doug. I feel that anyone that has a gas lease or anything related owes it to themselves to call and speak with Doug before signing anything.