I am a middle aged son of two elderly parents who own property in Rush Township, Susquehanna County. My parents were considering signing a Company Right-of-Way Agreement without any protections. Doug Clark agreed to meet with Doug on a Saturday morning, and he explained the all the problems of the pipeline agreement and what he has been able to do for clients in negotiating pipeline agreements across Pennsylvania. I was shocked by the power the pipeline agreement gives the companies and what Doug has been able to do for landowners.

My parents also received an offer to buy their gas rights for a large one time fee. Doug reviewed this offer with me and showed me permitting activity in our area for the last couple years. He discussed his knowledge of activity in the area. Doug reviewed our potential royalties using lowball figures and it became very clear that my parents should NOT sign the mineral offer.

I left our meeting with a much better understanding and a belief that the mineral company was seeking to take advantage of my parents. Thankfully after meeting with Doug it was it became clear my parents should not sign the offer for one time payment to give up their mineral rights forever. Doug will now be our gas lawyer.

I thank the Lord for Mr. Clark’s time and I believe any one in this situation will also.